biennale of women in art

Thank you

The Biennale of Women In Art Zero Edition is now over and what a blast it was! You have been over 2500 visitors from 50 countries! This is incredible. So we want to thank all the people who made it possible and all of you who visited us. 

We want to thank all the artists who trusted us and co-created this amazing event together with us. We want to thank our fantastic team of volunteers and supporters without whom this event would have not existed. We want to also thank Deborah De Robertis for being our Zero Edition Ambassador, Giovanna Massoni, Arielle d’Hauterives, Christophe Gouache, our co-directors and the founder of the Assocciation of Women In Art, Jemima Kulumba. We want to thank Maelle Delaplanche for the co-curation of the Biennale. We want to thank Sylvie Gormezano for her support and exchanges with all our artists. We want to thank Julia Montier for a support in logistics. We want to thank Samia Bouhjar for her help. We want to thank Chaguy Koy for his incredible engagement and support all along the biennale. We want to thank our crazy volunteers: Anne, Sylvie, Axelle, Alice, Pauline, Anne-Claire, Gery, Nayat, Barbara, Clémence, Marie-Ange, Anosone, Sam, Shady, Nadine, Nicolas, Nor, Caroline and all the others who came by to give us a hand. Thank you. 

Finally, we want to thank Delphine Houba, elected official of the City of Brussels in charge of Culture for her unconditional support from the beginning of this adventure. We want to thank Els Gossé and Nevruz Unal , elected officials from the Commune of Ixelles. We want to thank Perrine Ledan, elected official of the Commune of Uccle. Your support matters.

For all of those who came and for all of those who could not make it,  we’ll be uploading pictures and videos on our website very soon.

We’re tired, but we’re happy. And incredibly grateful for your trust and for believing in the cause we’re fighting for. This is a first step, but a big one already in the long and challening adventure of making the art world a bit more sensitive to the unfairness of the gender inequalities which still exist. With your help, we are bringing change. So thank you. Again and again.

This is just the beginning.