Red Moon Art Incubator

Red moon is an art incubator that aims at promoting young female artists from under-represented countries by giving them a chance to be exhibited (often for the first time) in Europe and to engage with the Brussels audience.

To artists, Red Moon provides a residency program and an exhibition space. All artists presented have already demonstrated a good track record in their own country (solo shows at top galleries, invitation to prominent residency programs) and are looking for opportunities to exhibit in Europe and in participative formats that differ from what traditional galleries offer.

To the public, Red Moon provides 3 to 4 times a year a curated exhibition in presence of the artist, where the public can engage directly with the art and the practice in an interactive format.

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Founder of Red Moon Art Incubator

Julie is based in Brussels, Belgium. She started collecting art during her travels to places like Egypt, Pakistan which have a fascinating art scene that developed in the last 5-10 years. She is half French and half Indian and therefore started her focus with the Indian sub-continent. She observed that a number of young and motivated artists from these regions find it difficult to exhibit in Europe. She created Red Moon in 2019 to bridge that gap by enabling more exchanges between East and West. Passionate about supporting women in all spheres of life, she focuses on women artists, who have to overcome a number of hurdles to express themselves both at home and abroad. Beyond exhibitions, Red Moon also facilitates peer networking and mentoring among artists part of the collective. By definition, Red Moon wants to be an incubator – a safe space for women artists to try out and experiment new things.