Paradigm Shift

Women In Art & Red Moon art incubator are very proud to present Daria Koreneva’s first solo exhibition, Paradigm shift. The exhibition presented to the public her most recent work, created during the the covid pandemic. In this series, the artist explores how our brain reacts to an indefinite situation. What happens when old laws, old rules, old references do not apply. Daria’s works explore how our brain tries to find order in a state of in-between.

The exhibition is past and was held on October 2020 in Uccle (Brussels), Belgium. 

About the ARTIST

Daria Koreneva has developed a unique technique for transforming photographic material her own or that which she has appropriated in order to reinterpret visual information into rhythmic structures.
By embracing the creative possibilities of digital modification, Daria subjects images to a process of experimental transformation reminiscent of scientific research.