We are happy to share with you the programme of the Biennale of Women In Art. As you know, the Biennale is much more than an exhibition, it is a place to meet, to debate, to discover new initiatives, to learn new knowledge, to discover books, as well as a place to network, meet and exchange, and finally a place to experience art, both visually and experientially through art performances.

Please note that the programme is subject to change, like any. So don’t hesitate to come back regularly on this page to stay updated. Hope you’ll like it.

Note, also, that some of the conferences and workshops will be either in English (EN), in French (FR) or in Dutch (NL).


Where? Espace Vanderborght, Rue de l’Ecuyer 50, Brussels, Belgium

When? From the 18th of March to the 31st of March, 2024, from 14:00 to 22:00

Entrance to the Biennale is free (besides the opening and closing). A bar is open during the whole Biennale to enjoy a drink while discussing art or any other topic.

mONDAY March 18, 2024


The radical presence of women and non-binary artists

14:00 – Press conference BE CULTURE with the WIA committee management (Giovanna Massoni, Christophe Gouache , Arielle D’Hauterives, Jemima Kulumba, Maelle Delaplanche, Gloria Omyio, Sylvie Gormezano)

15:00 > 17:30 Alice Van Der Wielen-Honinckx | Performance

16:00 – Public opening

17:00 – “A biennale as a tool“ presentation by Jemima Kulumba
+ “The absence of women in contemporary art #MeToo” by Déborah de Robertis
+ Support pitch by Delphine Houba
+ Support pitch by Els Gossé
+ Presentation of SKRIK by Elisabeth Woronoff 

18:00 – The place of women in the history of Art | Conference by Lyse Vancampenhoudt

19:30 – Karine Marenne | Performance

20:00 – Chuu Wai | Performance

22:00 – Closing

TUESDAY March 19, 2024


Once a muse, the rise of an artist

14:00 – Opening

17:00 – Workshop for the co-creation of video games about women artists who were once muses by Arts & Publics

20:30 – “A biennale as a tool“ presentation by Jemima Kulumba and speech about Being a women in the art sector by Deborah de Robertis

22:00 – Closing

March 20, 2024


Her story, her gaze, her voice, their story, their gaze, their voice

14:00 – Opening

16:00 – “Women artists invisibilized in other sector“ by Les Volumineuses (FR) [post-poned]

19:30 – Conference “Women artists in the Renaissance period” by Christophe Gouache (FR)

22:00 – Closing

march 21, 2024


A revolutionary place to allow ourselves to hear us and each other speak

14:00 – Opening
+ Irina Lavrinovic | Performance (until 20:00)

19:00 – Leen Van Dommelen | Performance / Installation

20:00 – Lydia Guez | Performance [cancelled due to illness]

22:00 – Closing

FRIDAY march 22, 2024

body politics

The personal is political, our bodies as objects, as subjects

14:00 – Opening

20:00 – “Why have an inclusive gallery ?“ Round table by That’s what x said (FR)

21:00 – “How to approach patrons and sponsors for artists, institutions and cultural operators” by Marie De Wit from Prométhéa (FR)

22:00 – Closing

march 23, 2024


Our act, our reenactments, our movements

12:30 – Extra Muros Event at Tour & Taxis – INVISIBLE FESTIVAL by XR4heritage (FR)

14:00 – Opening

16:00 (until 20:00) – Leen Van Dommelen | Performance / installation (performed multiple times during this time slot )

19:00 – [cancelled] Conference “How to be sustainable in the art and culture as artists, institutions and cultural operators“ by Jemima Kulumba (ENG) [cancelled]

22:00 – Closing

SUNDAY march 24, 2024


Decolonised otherness

14:00 – Opening
+ Delegation guided tour for XReritage 

14:30 (until 18:00) – Leen Van Dommelen biennale artist performance / installation (performed multiple times during this time slot )

14:45 – Workshop “#HISTORY IS OURS“ by the INVISIBLE FESTIVAL organized by XRHERITAGE in the presence of pioneering filmmaker Euzhan Palcy (FR)

15:30 – Karine Marenne | Performance

17:00 – Conference on “Decolonization in the photography sector“ by Woman we share (FR)

20:00- Conference “Iconography of resistance in the decolonial movement“ by Anne Wetsi Mpoma (ENG)

22:00 – Closing

MONDAY march 25, 2024


TUESDAY march 26, 2024


Women and non-binary artists as a social force

14:00 – Opening

18:30 – “Let’s talk about feminist guided walks and women artists“ by Noms peut-être (FR)

22:00 – Closing

march 27, 2024


The commons, the collective, the intersection, the never ending wave

14:00 – Opening

16:00 – Free children’s guided tour with Jemima Kulumba (6 to 12 years FR)

20:00 – Extra Muros event at Espace Magh – “SKRIK“ a woman’s cry after years of traumatic amnesia by Elisabeth Woronoff | Performance (EN)

22:00 – Closing

march 28, 2024


All of you in everyone of us, everywhere, all at once

14:00 – Opening

14:30 – “What are the bridges between making money as an artist and the digital sector?“ by ACEGOOD (FR)

18:00 – Alice Van Der Wielen-Honinckx | Performance (until 20:00)

19:00 – Private guided tour by Jemima Kulumba (NL)
(Not open to the general public)

20:00 – Lydia Guez | Performance

22:00 – Closing

FRIDAY march 29, 2024


Plundered and exhausted selves, we rise

14:00 – Opening 

17:00 – Alice Van Der Wielen-Honinckx | Performance (until 19:00)

19:00 – (cancelled) Conference “L’origine du monde“ by Deborah de Robertis (FR) 

20:00 – (cancelled due to illness) “The New European Bauhaus Festival“ presentation by Rozina Spinnoy for Bids Belgium

22:00 – Closing

march 30, 2024


Artistic shapes and tools for our future

14:00 – Opening

14:30 (until 17:00) – Leen Van Dommelen | Performance / installation (performed multiple times during this time slot )

16:00 – Alice Van Der Wielen-Honinckx | Performance (until 18:00)

18:00 – Karine Marenne | Performance

19:00 – (cancelled) “What kind of tools exist for women artists, institutions and cultural operators?“ by Jemima Kulumba (cancelled)

22:00 – Closing

SUNDAY march 31, 2024


The present is yours

Important notice: Entrance to the Biennale on the closing day is donation-based (suggested donation 5€). Visitors who donate for the 25€ ticket receive 1 food coupon and 3 drinks. 

14:00 – Opening

16:00 – Néoza Goffin | Performance (hour changed)

16:00 – Nina Rose | Performance

17:00 – Conference “The different ways of becoming an artist“ by Carl Cash Knight (FR)

17:30 – Irina Lavrinovic | Performance

18:00 – “The absence of women in contemporary art #MeToo“ by Déborah De Robertis (FR)

19:00 Conference on « Forgotten women artists from the Renaissance » (Les artistes femmes oubliées de la Renaissance) by Christophe Gouache (FR)

20:00 – Time to celebrate with Dj Naynay deluxx by Radio pirate!

22:00 – Closing of the Biennale