Women In Art gathers great people from diverse backgrounds.

"There is nothing more harrowing than a period of History which omits its women artists."
Jemima Kulumba
WIA Founder & co-director

"Women artists have always created. How come they are so little known, so little sold, so little exhibited, so little archived?"
Giovanna Massoni
WIA co-director

"I can't think of a single good argument that could explain that women artists should not be given the same chance as male artists."
Christophe Gouache
WIA co-director

" Women artists are not yet known at their true value, and that's challenging me."
Arielle D'Hauterives
WIA committee member

"We need to stop the abuse of power in the art sector."
Ilse Ghekiere
WIA committee member

"It is time for sexism to be abolished."
Sirah Foighel Brutmann
WIA committee member

Artwork credits: Marlene Dumas, Chlorosis (Love sick), 1994, Credit: The Herbert and Nannette Rothschild Memorial Fund in memory of Judith Rothschild, Copyright: © Marlene Dumas