Biennale of women in art – Edition zero

about the biennale

The Biennale of Women In Art is an international art event that aims to showcase the work of women artists, highlight their contributions to the history of art, and provide a space for dialogue and debate in order to demonstrate and gain recognition for their contributions to the art world today. The objective of the Biennale of Women in Art is to continue and amplify the movement, already initiated by various actors around the world, that contribute to establishing greater gender parity in art. The zero edition of the Biennale (prototype edition) will take place in Brussels, will last two weeks, and will focus on Belgian artists (or artists living in Belgium). The Biennale will take place from October 16th to October 29th, 2023. We will showcase 25 contemporary women artists, 10 performing artists and 10 artists from the Renaissance period.

The selection of the artists will be made by a double committee at the end of the year 2022: the scientific committee and the citizens committee.

More details of the Biennale will be inserted here soon.



You are an artist? You live and work in Belgium? You’re a woman (or you identify as female and/or non-binary)? You do visual arts, plastic arts, paintings, scultpures? Or you do art performance? Apply now to be part of the Biennale of Women In Art!

All applications will be studied and carefully looked at by a double selection committee: one composed of art experts and one composed by citizens. 

The call for applications is OPEN and will end on the 3Oth of November 2022. Click below to know more & apply.


The scientific committee of the Biennale of Women In Art is composed of 7 professionals from the art & culture world. The main role of the scientific committe is to review the artists’ applications and select which one will be exhibited at the Zero Edition of the Biennale of Women In Art in October 2023. Its composition will be revealed soon.

Citizens committee

EN Citizen participation is part of our DNA. And as an association claiming the deconstruction of the art sector, we innovate with the creation of a citizen committee. The role of the committee? Similarly to the scientific committee, the citizen committee will play a key role in the selection of the artists who will be exhibited at the Biennale of Women In Art. Composed of 7 citizens living in Belgium they will meet to review the artists’ applications. 

NL Burgerparticipatie maakt deel uit van ons DNA. En als vereniging die de ontmanteling van de kunstsector opeist, innoveren we met de oprichting van een burgercomité. De rol van het comité? Net als het wetenschappelijk comité zal het burgercomité een sleutelrol spelen in de selectie van de kunstenaars die op de Biënnale van de Vrouwen in de Kunst zullen worden tentoongesteld. Het bestaat uit 7 in België wonende burgers die bijeenkomen om de kandidaturen van de kunstenaars te beoordelen. 

FR La participation citoyenne fait partie de notre ADN. Et en tant qu’association revendiquant la déconstruction du secteur artistique, nous innovons avec la création d’un comité citoyen. Le rôle du comité ? Tout comme le comité scientifique, le comité citoyen jouera un rôle clé dans la sélection des artistes qui seront exposées à la Biennale des Femmes de l’Art. Composé de 7 citoyens vivant en Belgique, il se réunira pour examiner les candidatures des artistes.  

Opening of the call for the Committee: 14th of August, 2022
Closure of the call: 18th of September, 2022

The call for the Citizens Commitee is now closed. Thank you to all the citizens who’ve applied!