Art history, museums and fine arts collections display the great masters of art… Are you able to name one woman artist from the medieval or renaissance period?

They have never stopped creating art. Questioning the role of women in the art world leads us to question the role of women in our societies.

Our aim is to engage in a discussion about the inequalities permeating our societies, and the very real impact they have on women in any artistic field.

As the world evolves, inequality between women and men remains: both in the art community and in the world. Yet, we believe that women’s art is just as worthy as their counterparts’.

The Biennale of Women In Art wishes to showcase contemporary women artists from all horizons. We want to offer a deep dive into women’s artworks throughout the history of art and a space for debate and conversation on the role of women in the art world.

This biennale of women artists is a feminist act that is legitimized so long as inequality between women and men exists in the domain of art and beyond.

Artwork credits: Judy Chicago (American, born 1939). The Dinner Party, 1974–79. Ceramic, porcelain, textile, 576 × 576 in. (1463 × 1463 cm). Brooklyn Museum; Gift of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Foundation, 2002.10. © Judy Chicago. (Photo: Donald Woodman)