Equinoxes festival

- Les equinoxes festival -
the sound of inclusion

Les Équinoxes is a feminist music festival, created by the ASBL SIF, which aims to be accessible to all. Its objective is to promote talent in all its diversity, and in particular, women. The aim is to promote talent in all its diversity, and in particular women, while taking care to minimise our impact on our natural environment.

The Equinoxes festival was born out of the observation that female artists are not well represented at large-scale musical events. According to SCIVIAS*, « there are fewer women on stage, in technical and support roles, and in positions of high responsibility ». Spoiler alert: inequalities between men and women are still present. Our desire through this festival is to give more visibility to these women and their work, but not only! This festival also wants to be an ally of the different social struggles. This is why we will pay particular attention to diversity in the programming and the reception of the public, notably in terms of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic origins, physical and mental health situations, ages and spiritualities.

More concretely, the festival aims to reflect a society in which a plurality of gender identities evolve. Therefore, at least half of the programme will be composed of women and people from other sexual and gender minorities.

Women In Art is partner of the festival and showcased two women artists (Deborah De Robertis and Olivia Hernaiz) as well as held a talk on the topic of gender inequalities in the art sector.

The event took plate the 16th of April 2022 in Brussels at Tour & Taxis, Rue Picard, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

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