ARTISTS OF the biennale

For the Zero Edition of the Biennale of Women In Art, WIA received over 200 incredible applications from amazing women artists. Even though we praise all women artists, WIA had the hard task of selecting only 25 women artists for its Zero Edition. One condition: all selected artists (based on an expert committee and a citizen committee) had to be working and/or living in Belgium (we plan to remove this limitation in our future international editions but this was a condition for our Zero Edition happening in Brussels, Belgium). 

After many discussions and debates within the 2 committees (especially due to the very high quality of applications), we reached aggreements and are very proud to present, for our Zero Edition of the Biennale of Women In Art, the following 25 women artists:

You are amazing.

Marie Julia Bollansée
Ilke Cop
Negative Lab Pro v2.4.1 | Color Model: Noritsu | Pre-Sat: 1 | Tone Profile: LAB - Standard | WB: None | LUT: None
Justine Court
Céline Cuvelier - WIA
Céline Cuvelier
Moïra Deepijan - WIA
Moïra Deepijan
Natalia-de-Mello - WIA
Natalia de Mello
Marijke De Roover - WIA
Marijke De Roover
Elke Desutter - WIA
Elke Desutter
Nina Rose
Nina Rose
Neoza Goffin - WIA
Neoza Goffin
Lydia Guez - WIA
Lydia Guez
Irina Lavrinovic - WIA
Irina Lavrinovic
Karine Marenne
Karine Marenne
Juanita Onzaga - WIA
Juanita Onzaga
Shen Ozdemir - WIA
Shen Ozdemir
Amélie Scotta - WIA
Amélie Scotta
Charlotte Stuby - WIA
Charlotte Stuby
Lou Cocody-Valentino
Portrait Alice - photo Berenike Corcuera
Alice Van Der Wielen-Honinckx
Leen Van Dommelen - WIA
Leen Van Dommelen
Portrait 4_credit_Kris Remels
Diane Marie Uwase
Chu Waai - WIA
Chuu Wai
Elisabeth Woronoff WIA
Elisabeth Woronoff
Sara Zerguine
Sara Zerguine