Laeticia Bica

« My artistic background has allowed me to experiment in different ways of «act as link» with the multiple movements that this requires. I have been led to question my place as an artist, the interdependencies that allows me to function, the coexistence with the other and the communications that transverses them. The founding idea that drives me is that thinking together doesn’t necessarily mean to believe in the same thing. It is important to me to pursue my exploration and aspire to new encounters The photographic encounter is a pretext for negotiated convergences and an expressed consents, which is enriched as the conversation progresses. Through this creative process, the subject of the image becomes an active part of the creation and participates in its own representation. The printing techniques used are all worlds that call into question. What interactions could I establish by exploring new modes of production and modes of production and staging? The artworks are composed of materials that act as binders, both plastic and symbolic, do they not also constitute, in their own way, places of encounter and negotiation between my intention and the viewer’s attention? attention of the spectator? This biennial could be an important opportunity to confront my work with new enlightened and committed perceptives. »

Laetitia Bica

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